Introducing our comprehensive School ERP Software

Introducing our comprehensive School ERP software, designed to seamlessly manage all aspects of your educational institution with ease and efficiency. Our advanced system caters to every need, from student management to fee administration, transport logistics, certificate generation, and academic reporting. Here's how our solution can revolutionize your school's operations:

  • Student Management:
    • Admissions: Simplify the admission process by efficiently managing student details, including admissions, transfers, and withdrawals.
    • Reports: Generate detailed reports class-wise, section-wise, or admission-wise, providing invaluable insights into student performance and demographics.
  • Fee Management:
    • Fee Submission: Streamline fee collection with automated systems for fee submission and receipt generation.
    • Fee Reports: Access comprehensive reports on fee dues, collections, and outstanding payments categorized by section, class, month, or payment mode.
  • Transport System Management:
    • Route Optimization: Organize transport routes efficiently, assigning students to stops and calculating bus fees accordingly.
    • Fee Integration: Seamlessly integrate transport fees into the overall fee management system for convenient administration.
  • Certificate Generation:
    • Multiple Certificates: Generate Transfer Certificates, Character Certificates, Bonafide Certificates, and more with just a few clicks.
    • Customization: Tailor certificates to meet specific school requirements, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Attendance Management:
    • Daily Attendance: Take daily attendance of students class-wise, and teachers with various statuses such as present, absent, late, excused, leave, and others.
    • Attendance Dashboard: Display total days attended and absent along with the percentage of student attendance, providing a comprehensive overview of attendance records.
  • Academic Reporting:
    • Results Management: Capture and analyze student results from nursery to 12th grade, categorized by class, stream, and examination type.
    • Report Cards: Automatically generate half-yearly and annual report cards, providing comprehensive insights into student performance.
  • User Account Management:
    • Profile Management: Empower users to update their profiles and settings, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
    • User Accounts: Administer user accounts with ease, creating, updating, and managing user details as needed.
Export Functionality:

PDF and Excel Reports: Download all reports in PDF or Excel format instantly, facilitating easy sharing and analysis. Our School ERP software offers unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and user-friendliness, empowering educators and administrators to focus on what truly matters - providing quality education. Experience the future of school management with our cutting-edge solution. Get in touch today to learn more!

Options available in every sections

  1. Reports Management: Easily access reports in every section for comprehensive insights.
  2. Dashboard Information: Stay updated with today's collection, including cash-wise, bank-wise, and total collections.
  3. Students Overview: Get a detailed overview of student demographics and classifications such as Red House, Green House, Yellow House, and Blue House.
  4. Student Information: Access student details class-wise, section-wise, and bus-wise, including RTE students, siblings, teacher-student ratio, and more.
  5. Graphical Analysis: Visualize data with graphs on student admission status, fee statistics, total fee, discounts, submissions, and dues year-wise.
  6. Students Management: Manage student-related tasks efficiently, including reports, admit cards, marks slips, house updates, and class-wise updates.
  7. Fee Management: Simplify fee-related processes with fee structure management, fee receipts, payment options, due reports, and fee summaries.
  8. Transport Management: Streamline transport logistics with route management, readings, and comprehensive transport readings reports.
  9. Certificate Generation: Generate various certificates like Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate, and Bonafide Certificate effortlessly.
  10. Exam Management: Handle exam-related tasks seamlessly, including result management, marks entry, grade entry, attendance entry, and exam type management.
  11. Account Management: Manage user accounts, profiles, settings, and site configurations effortlessly.